RHI is a Government scheme, which provides financial support to help encourage businesses and individuals to install various renewable heat technologies, such as biomass heating.

The scheme guarantees regular ‘tariff’ payments for 20 years based on the amount of renewable heat you generate, thereby subsidising the cost of installing and maintaining your biomass system, ultimately saving you money.

Ofgem specifies that an independent heat metering report is required for any installation applying for RHI that has a capacity of 1MW or above.

Additionally any installation that is classed as ‘Complex’ for RHI metering purposes will be required to provide a report.

Installations with a capacity below 45kW will not generally be required to provide a report. However if Ofgem are not satisfied that the information provided with regards to metering arrangements is not satisfactory they may require the submission of a heat metering report. Anyone applying for RHI with output less than 45kW should be prepared to provide an independent heat metering report if requested.

A heat metering report will also be required where additional RHI capacity is added to an accredited installation and this additional capacity takes the total output to 1MW or higher, or where the additional capacity means that an installation below 1MW is now classed as ‘complex’.

Managed RHI application service – we take care of the application on your behalf

  • Collecting and collate all the information required.
  • A site visit will be scheduled where we will collect the information / take photos etc.

Once we have the information we will:

  • Input / Manage the full process.
  • Answer any questions raised by the RHI team.
  • Liaise with your installer and deliver you the letter from ofgem confirming your acceptance to the scheme.

Independent Metering Reports (IMR), Metering Assessments and Consultancy

Through our partners we are able to offer these services that may be required for complex/multiple installations. RHI Service will schedule these activities to minimise any delay in the RHI application process and maximise the chance of our clients securing their RHI payments.

Competency Requirements

  • We provide Chartered engineers with extensive experience of heating system design, installation and control.
  • We have 15 years’ experience in the heating industry.
  • As independent installers we provide an unbiased and impartial service.